Die Welt ist mein Haus, Biografie der Sozialistin Anny Klawa-Morf, Limmat Verlag 1991.  Paperback.

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New ebook

Die Welt ist mein Haus, Das Leben der Anny Klawa-Morf, ebook 2013 (German edition)

The biography of Anny Klawa-Morf, 1894-1993, activist in the Swiss socialist movement. She was born in a poor family and was fighting for better conditions for the working class and vote for women since she was 14 years old.

She knew the leaders of the Russian Revolution, Lenin, Trotzki and others. During the German Revolution of 1918 she was the secretary of leader Ernst Toller. When the revolution crushed she was imprisoned and risked to be killed. After this traumatic experience she left Germany and went to Italy where fascism was rising. After criticising Mussolini she was put in prison, released after some months and brought to Switzerland. Based on her experience she founded the socialist childrens group „Rote Falken“.

Annette Frei Berthoud was a close friend of Anny Klawa-Morf and made a TV documentary about her life. This book is grounded in personal documents and long dialogues with Anny Klawa-Morf.

Anny Klawa-Morf‘s influence on the Socialist Movement of Switzerland was notable even if she wasn‘t aware of it. The book made her famous. Many years after her death the cities of Berne and Zurich named a street and a square after her.